Organization, Inc.

(A non-profit 501(c)(3) educational Living History organization)

Presents the Privateers of the Dauntless

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  • April 25 - 11am to 3pm - Rancho Cordova "Kids Day in the Park @ Hagan Park, Rancho Cordova


Our Mission:

The Privateers of the Dauntless are dedicated to the preservation and education of maritime history of the 16th and 17th centuries. Our goal is to enlighten and open the eyes of both young and old to the colorful history of the merchant mariners and privateers of days past. We endeavor to bring history alive through live historical reenactment on a land-transportable stage that closely emulates a square rigged merchant/privateer vessel.  Our members will assume the attire and persona of the Captain, officers, and crew of an ancient sailing vessel. Through this medium we will educate the public, both young and old, in the daily life, duties, skills, terminology, and even the politics of the maritime life. Our living history taught through "gigs" and improvisational acting will capture our audience’s imagination allowing us to teach our skills and history of a past era.

The Dauntless, is a representation of a late 1500's  to early 1800's square rigged ship centered around a scale Stern castle with a 50-foot tall, working main mast with upper and lower yard arms, rigging and sails.  This along with a bell, helm, Cannons, and other ship board items stages the illusion of a full armed merchant ship.  From here we conduct our historical educational performances of maritime life and skills. Cargo, crates, and various props add to the illusion on and around the armed merchant ship "Dauntless".­

The Crew